About Us

Where we come from and what we do.

Laurie Schotz, CEO, has a background that started 30 years ago in theme parks, and spanned the United States and the world in theatres, special events, and on cruise ships. She also has run several resorts and entertainment venues. You might remember her name being attached to the Windy City 2-Steppers/Chicago Stunt Team. As a performer she was a singer, dancer, actress and stunt woman before getting involved on the production side. She has been writing, directing, choreographing, producing and planning shows and special events for over 10 years. She has been the client, she has been the director, she has been the coordinator, and now she is doing it all with Best Schotz Productions.

Laurie brings together talented actors, singers, musicians, sound engineers, light designers, artists and more to produce the highest-caliber productions. While few of them have as extensive of backgrounds as Laurie, all are experienced within their fields, and their skills come together beautifully under her guiding hand.